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Crystals: The "nuts and bolts" in my toolbox

Which two crystals are the basics, the “nuts and bolts”, needed for your crystal tool kit?

Clear Quartz and Amethyst! What makes these two crystals the “nuts and bolts”? Their universal uses, how well they work with other crystals, and their ease of care that is what make them a “must have” for any crystal user.

Clear Quartz is a magnifier and amplifier. It can increase your intuition and the energies around you. You can use it for cleansing energies and to enhance memory retention. When used with other crystals, their healing properties are magnified.

Amethyst is an equalizer and balancer. It is great at balancing opposing energies/polarities. It assists in equalizing emotions, calming outbursts so one has more self-control. Amethyst assists with spiritual connections.

What are the “heavy hitters” in my toolbox? Catch my next post to find out!!

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