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Treatment Options

Shifting Subtle Energies  -  Promoting Self-Healing

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Holistic Healer, I work with you to restore your balance and find your center.

If the date/time you prefer for your appointment is not available, please email me. It is possible that my work hours could be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

DISCLAIMER:  We do not provide any medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments. If a client desires a diagnosis from a licensed physician, chiropractor, or acupuncture practitioner, or services from a physician, chiropractor, nurse, osteopath, physical therapist, dietitian, nutritionist, acupuncture practitioner, athletic trainer, or any other type of health care provider, the client may seek such services at any time.


Energy Session

Subtle Energy or Reiki (Usui, Seichem, or Dragon)

Awakened and aligned energies give you the opportunity to live a balanced life. Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects work together. If one is weakened or misaligned, the others must compensate. With time, the over-compensation and weaknesses can have detrimental consequences. Please allow me to assist you in clearing the energy pathways so YOU can live better. If you don't know which style of energy session to choose, I will access your energetic indicators at the beginning of your appointment. This will give us the direction to take with your session. You're balanced, better life is waiting for you.
$75.00/ 1 hr. session

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IRIGENICS Ancestral Eye Reading

Learn about ancestral gifts and patterns

What personality were you born to live? Have you had life events that have adjusted your personality? What gifts, talents, and ancestral traits are present in your eye? Taking a macro photo of your eye (or using your photo), I look for the patterns in your iris and sclera showing what gifts, talents, and ancestral traits are present. Energetic images might even show up in the photo. How exciting to see your eyes in an amazing, new way! Leave with answers to WHAT makes you BE YOU.

If you are taking your eye photo and want tips, please watch the YouTube video: "Irigenics How to Take an Awesome Eye Photo" created by Irigenics founder, Amy Gillespie Dougherty. To access the video, use this web address:

If you are emailing your pictures, you will receive a 30-50 minute video of your eye reading.

$90.00 / 30 to 60-minute session.

Image by Franco Antonio Giovanella

Crystal Grid Healing

Natural Healing

Strengthen, cleanse, and align your energies using crystal grid healing. I offer you the opportunity to have a crystal grid placed on and around your body. Using your input, I will choose crystals that will assist in achieving the goal(s) you set for the session. Leave the session empowered to achieve your healing.
$75.00 / 1 hr session

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Oil Anointing

Spiritually Connected

With input from the client, the oils to be used will be determined at the appointment. Affirmations might be incorporated into the session. This is a very sacred service performed by  Carol Dutton, ordained minister.
This is a spiritual service. It is not a ceremony or ritual associated or affiliated with any religion.
$75 / 1 hr session


Ancestral Connection Ceremony

Learn about yourself through your ancestors

For many, the search for identity and purpose can be answered by understanding and connecting with one’s ancestral roots. Genetics, spirituality, belief systems, and ways of life are significantly influenced by ancestral connections, as our ancestors shape who we are and what we do. Connecting with those roots can answer so many questions about who, what, and why we do the things we do. No ancestors are as old as Mother Nature, which is why when our loved ones pass away we can feel a greater connection to them while we are in the natural world and the collective energy of humanity in its entirety.
During the Ancestral Connection Session, we may use crystals/rocks/minerals, plants/essential oils, meditation/concentration exercises, and/or journaling.
Sessions can be one-on-one or in groups, in my office, virtually, or at your location (travel costs will be charged). 
Session length is tailored to each client/group, but is never less than 1 hour. 
Price begins at $90 / 1 hr

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Sacred Rose Healing

The higher we vibrate, the better enabled we are to avoid lower-frequency complications.

Did you know that roses carry the highest vibration of all plants? In fact, roses vibrate at 320 MHz. Keep in mind, the natural human body vibrates at a frequency somewhere between 62-78 MHz, Because the rose vibrates at such a high frequency, when we energetically connect them with our body, they’re able to heal lower vibration feelings, emotions and physical ailments.


During a rose healing ceremony, a dozen roses are used and placed at various parts of your body where the rose energetically signals an issue. Then, the roses are left where they were placed and Reiki energy is applied as necessary to complement the healing power of the roses. The entire session will last between 60-90 minutes.

Once the ceremony is closed, you will take the roses home with instructions on how to continue to use them over the next week to integrate and maximize your healing session.

Rose healing is an extremely beautiful, relaxing, peaceful and loving experience.

$75 / 1 hr or 1-1/2 hr session

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