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Crystals: The "heavy hitters" in my toolbox

What are some of the "heavy hitters" or the powerhouse crystals in my crystal toolbox? Although there are many that could qualify, I would have to say they are Black Tourmaline and Healerite.

Black Tourmaline is known to deflect negative energies thus offering protection from unseen forces. It gets it's black color from the high amount of iron thus lending itself to being a good grounding stone. Black Tourmaline can help lessen the effects of jet lag, tinnitus, and assists in getting good rest (when placed under a mattress or pillow).

Healerite is my go to crystal when I need multiple areas aligned or healed. It's broad level of healing makes it a great choice for physical and energetic misalignments. When unsure how to use or place Healerite, I always place it on or near the Heart Chakra. This allows the healing energies to go in all directions equally - up the body, down the body, to the front and back of the body. Healerite made my powerhouse crystal list because it has NEVER failed to offer multi-level healing for everyone on whom it was used.

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