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Crystals - How to use them

How can you use crystals? There are so many ways, but I will focus on some basic techniques that everyone can easily incorporate into their lives.

Wear them as jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings are common examples. They can also be incorporated into hair adornments. This is especially good for when you want a crystal close to your crown chakra.

Carry them with you – in a pocket, in a sachet, or any where you desire. Some women like to keep crystals close to their heart by putting them in their bras.

Use crystals during meditation. With intention, hold crystals while doing your meditation practice.

Create a grid layout. This can be done on any material that feels sacred to you. Though there are pre-printed grids available for this if you choose to purchase or you can make one for yourself.

Your body can also be used as a grid. This is best done by a trained crystal healer or only after you have gained knowledge of crystal healing.

Intrigued about what areas in your life can be improved with crystals? Stay tuned for my next blog as I look at some healing properties of crystals.

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